East Coast HO Road Racing
 .Randy's Raceway - Kutztown Pa        
It was again time for the St. Patty’s Day race weekend to get under way this year. It was the 5th annual race and with great weather for all there were 29 racers making the trip to Randy’s Raceway in Kutztown, PA. Racers came from five states and this year from another country. The states included: Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the country of Canada.

On Saturday the doors opened at noon and quite a few racers took advantage of this pre race practice time. Most everyone who was here for practice went to the local tavern for dinner and drinks.
Sunday morning came fast as the doors opened at 8am and the racers were here waiting to get in.

Once again we had a great array of racers from the Rookies to the seasoned Veterans. The list of entries was completed and the names were entered into the computer, a random selection racer list was made and then divided into two groups. The cars were called to tech and racing was underway around 10:15am. One group raced Super Stocks on the Tub and the other group ran Indy Cars on the 8 – lane oval. After both groups finished racing we switched and everyone completed their races.
While the scores were combined and totaled Spud’s put out the burgers, perogies, loaded fries, regular fries, and lots of other snacks to enjoy including the traditional green beer on tap.

After dinner the top four finishers were announced and all passed tech.
The Super Stock winner of 2014 and now winning again in 2016 was Joel Lux (New York ). Joel took the competition by running a total 203 laps, the first racer to break the 200 lap mark in a 3 minute round robin on the Tub. He won by a six lap margin to take the victory. Second place was a tie between Derek Sheaffer (Pennsylvania) and Donny Auriema ( New Jersey ) both finished with 197 laps. Only 10 sections separated the 2 racers, Derek was the 2nd place finisher and Donny was 3rd. 5 laps behind was another tie for 4th between Dave “ Flash ” Kaiser ( Connecticut ) and Henry “ Champ “ Harnish ( New Jersey ). Only 10 sections again separated these 2 racers giving the 4th place to Flash and 5th to the Champ.

Next up was the Indy Car finish and last year Super Stock winner Donny Auriema  choose to show everyone what he could do on the oval. Donny won by a 2 lap lead over Hiram Durant ( Maryland ) who finished 2nd. A tie for 3rd between Randy Jay Haydt ( Pennsylvania ) and Joel Lux both had 208 laps. 18 sections was the difference for Randy to take 3rd and Joel for the 4th place finish. The racing in this class was the closest it has ever been with 5th place ending in a 3-way tie even the same amount of sections for 2 of the racers. There were ties all the way through the list of racers in the Indy class.

The 3rd racing class for the day was Nostalgia and 22 out of the 29 racers stayed for the event. And why should this race be any different then the first two races? There was a 3-way tie for 1st, go figure ? Steve Dickingson ( New York ), Flash, and Derek S. all had 106 laps. A first time St. Patty’s Day winner Steve Dickinson took home 1st place by only 4 sections ahead of Flash in 2nd who ran great all day. 9 sections behind was Derek S. for 3rd. 4th place was also a tie with the exact totals 105 laps and 14 sections. This was Mairo “ Chief “ Pisano ( New Jersey ) and Joel.

Spending a great weekend with friends and to have the competitive racing that we have is fantastic.

It was nice to have racers here for their 1st time at the event. Joe Hoopes, Tim Kirk, Dan Wirfel, Mark Centanni, and Henry Belfiore ( Pennsylavania ) / Steve Nilson, Matt Patrick, and Dave “ Flash “ Kaiser ( Connecticut ) / Not to forget our new racer friend from across the border Marc Sevier ( Canada ). Randy’s Raceway is now Randy’s International Raceway. To the regulars who could not make it here this year there will be next year.

Thank you to everyone who helped keep the races moving all day and feeding me the Snicker bars to calm me down.

Dates for the next St. Patty’s Race will be Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12, 2017.

Thank you all for your support of the St. Patty’s Day Race.

Randy’s Raceway