East Coast HO Road Racing
Resin Dude Race and Show - 12-13-15

Morgantown PA

On a balmy December day, droves of Slot car and toy enthusiasts made their way to the Morgantown Pa, Hoiliday Inn for the annual Resin Dude Show.  Rick always draws a nice crowd and this year was no exception.  The place as packed with vendors and hobbyists looking for bargains and additions to their collections.  As is traditional for this show, ECHORR has a race on the Red Max Track featuring ECHORR SS Chassis under Resin Dude coupe bodies.  This is always enjoyed by the public and the racers as well.  This year as usual the racing was close and exciting.
Here are the results:
Derek S      156.8
Hiram         155.2
Henry H     152.8
Randy H     152.3
Jerry           150.16
Bryan K     146.6
JoeRinn     144.12
Anthony   140.3
Chuck S    140.2
Sheldon    139.3
Mike F       135.14
George 2  132.6
Dan           130.13
Shane       129.3
Henry B    121.13
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !! Our next event will be a special build and race at Thornbury Court Raceway on Saturday 01/09/16, see the schedule for more details.