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Lehigh Valley Slot Car Show 11/07/15

Merchant Sq Mall

Hello Race Fans,
It was a cloudy fall day in Allentown, which meant the Lehigh Valley Slot Car Show was on a lot of people’s minds. It looked like there were a bunch of people swirling around the vendor’s tables and checking out the action on the red MaxTrax.
In conjunction with the show ECHORR held a race for the members and an IROC race open to the public. The IROC race uses club cars that use silicone tires.
Twelve racers got on the track to race ECHORR super stock rules for two and half minute heats. Racing got underway around 10:30 and it was close as usual, with sections determining who went home with a ribbon.
Here’s how we ran…
Racers                                 Total
Derek Sheaffer                137.08
Don Auriema                   137.04
Hiram Durant                  133.18
Henry Harnish                 132.11
Joerinn                              132.08
Randy Haydt                    131.07
Vic Quinones                   124.11
Dave Simms                     119.06
Sheldon Hiester              118.07
Shane Hiester                  113.20
Dan Wirfel                        113.04
Henry Belfiore                 107.16
Tom W.                             105.14
We couldn’t convince the adults to participate but we managed to have 4 youngsters take a crack at it.
They had a blast. I’m still trying to figure out how Chase did so well, I didn’t think he was able to see over the table. The boys ran one minute heats.
Steve – 32
Alex – 29
Chase – 26
Carter – 26
Hope to see everyone at the next race.
Sunday November 15th, 2015
Veteran's Day Race
Randys Raceway II
343 Diener Drive
Boyertown PA 19512

Pracitce Saturday November 14th - noon to 5pm, followed by dinner at a local restuarant.
Sunday Doors open at 8am, racing starts at 10am
SS on shortened  Wiz road course
Indy on Oval
Nostalgia on shortened Wiz road course
Contact Randy: 610-417-1283